Are you living the life you have always dreamed of?



Hello friends. Today I was eager to tell you all about our experience swimming with the dolphins, but my mind is elsewhere and I just cannot complete that post right now. I was reminded again yesterday about how precious life is and how at any moment someone you love can be taken away from you. A high school friend of mine lost her son two days ago. He took his own life the day before his 19th birthday. The sadness and hopelessness this child must have been feeling cannot escape my thoughts and now there is a family left behind to pick up the pieces and try to understand how this all happened. My heart is heavy. Today I am sending lots of love to this family as they try to heal from this horrific experience.

While taking my early morning walk on the beach my thoughts drifted to how we have made a point of evaluating where we are in our life. We all hope we will live to be 110 and enjoy all the fruits of our labor, but what if that does not happen? What if it is cut short or if someone we love leaves us too early? What if we do not make it to this promise land of retirement? Are we all living the life we want? Pursing our dreams? Loving the way we should be? Communicating? If I had pondered this question in my 20’s I would have said an overwhelming NO. I was working on my career, thinking about buying stuff and more stuff, eagerly anticipating my 30’s and not living in the present, except maybe in my social life. Then our 30’s came and it was all a blur. Having babies, buying real estate, traveling and working on our careers, there was no time to take inventory. Then 40 hit and everything in us changed.

40 is when Will and I took stock of our life, our children, our finances, our dreams, our health and much more. 40 is when we realized we were not living in the present. 40 is when we decided that we wanted more time with our children, more adventure and more dream pursing. For the first time in my life I feel that I am exactly where I want to be. I want to live in the moment and enjoy where I am right now, today. We are still planning for our senior years, but we are evaluating our priorities and what we need to be happy. As you all know family travel is one of the pieces of our puzzle, along with less stuff and improved relationships. At the end of the day we don’t know if there will be a tomorrow or a next week or a next year. We have to make the most of the time we have in this life and never take it for granted.

Are you living the life you have always dreamed you would? If no, why not? What can you do today to make that happen, because someday tomorrow will not come.

Have a great weekend. A Mother’s Legacy and Flashback Friday are on vacation this week. I will meet you all back here on Monday. I promise to debut the ever anticipated Discovery Cove post.



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