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airport adventures

Hola, friends. How is everyone today? Happy Monday! Are you following our travels on Instagram or Youtube? Just because I may be a little quiet here for the next six weeks does not mean we won’t be posting pics and videos. Follow us! Subscribe! And join our adventures, please.

Well, you all know we are spending a little time in the US to reconnect with family and friends, plus applying for our French visas and doing some repacking. But did you know we will also be selling the rest of our stuff? Yep, we are selling most of the possessions we have left (except for sentimental stuff). Crazy, right? Well, we’ve been happy without them for almost two years and we have no plan to stop this adventure anytime soon. If you are in Maine, get ready for some pics on FB come the beginning of August. Lots of stemware! And other kitchen stuff, some art, camping equipment, Christmas decorations, and much more.

Ready for airport adventures? Not the good kind…

As much as we fly, it is inevitable that we will experience some airport drama, right? Usually when we travel we pack incredibly light. However, when we move countries (approximately every 9-12 months) we have full, overweight, busting at the seams bags. We sometimes have obscure travel trinkets we have collected, odd shapes and weird carry ons. Can you see where this is going? As a result, we always make sure we give ourselves 3-4 hours at the airport before our flight takes off.

Our first bump in the road while leaving Ecuador was at security. We had a handmade hammock from Otavalo as one of our carry ons. It did not cost us a ton of money, but we loved it. It was my favorite item we had purchased in all of our travels thus far and then it wasn’t. Apparently the wood in the hammock could be considered a weapon and therefore was not allowed on the airplane. I was not willing to let it go that easily, so I went back to the counter to check it as baggage (after I paid $15 to wrap it in durable plastic). Unfortunately, we had already hit our baggage limit, therefore, it was going to cost us $171 for a hammock that we paid $40 for. Nope! I loved it, but not that much. Back through security I went. The conclusion was that it would be best for us to cut the fabric off the wood and try to salvage that at least. Done! At this point we had gone through security twice, wrestled with the plastic wrapping machine, and shed a couple of tears (the kids loved the hammock also). We were ready to relax and eat and figured the drama was behind us.

We settled into Outback for a bit of snack food (aka comfort food) and decompressing before our flight. The minute the food arrived, my name was called over the loud-speaker. Great, now what! Little side note here: I had just put an IG pic up complaining about the airport. I figured that had sent up a security alert and I was in deep shit! I proceeded to the gate while the kids devoured a plate of french fries and pancakes (don’t ask). I was told that I would need to go with the gate agent to another room while they searched one of my checked bags. I quickly returned to the kids, left them my cell phone and told them to call daddy if I did not return. I then went with the gate agent down a long hallway, down some stairs and entered a basement room. There I saw my overweight bag and an agent eager to shuffle through it. I proceeded to ask some questions, but he kindly pointed to a sign that said “no talking” in several different languages. After about a 10 minute inspection I was released back to the gate with absolutely no explanation.

Now, this freaked me out for many reasons.

  • First, Will had been detained in a similar room months before when bringing the hover boards into Ecuador and that was a creepy situation.
  • Second, I was alone and had no backup support system if need be.
  • Third, my friend (who for the sake of this post we will call Megan Renaud) recommended a movie about a woman (true story) who was jailed in Ecuador for having drugs in her bag. The conditions were horrendous and it took years to get her out of jail. And no, I did not have drugs in may bag, but neither did she, someone had put them there.

So, you can imagine all sorts of things were running through my tired mind and sick body. I knew I had not done anything wrong, however, you never know what someone else might do. Ugh. Not the best kind of airport adventures.

I know many of you readers have had this happen before, but this was a first for me and a pretty scary first since I was alone and responsible for two kids (and I had watched that damn movie, thanks again Megan). Needless to say, the next time they called my name over the loudspeaker, I was a bit nervous. Luckily, this final time was just to give away our seats to someone flying who had the same status, go figure. I did not complain because I figured at this point that there must be some man in a secret room following the girl with the pink hair around the airport on his video cameras.

End of story? Yep! Boarded that plane, released a sigh of relief and passed out from exhaustion. I love Quito, Ecuador, but at that point I was happy to get the wheels off the ground.

And for those of you who are wondering where the USA adventure takes us today… I am sitting on a balcony overlooking the Atlantic ocean. My pink hair is flying in the warm breeze and my tired (and still sick) body is hoping to be healed by the salty air. Until tomorrow folks, miss you already.



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