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Future RVing Family

Where did this week go? It is almost hard to believe we are at Friday. The Weekly Update for this week is going to be modified because I have a lot to share on a more business and personal level and less on the Vlog and Adventure side. We have been working non-stop the last week which has led to a lot of new developments for this future RVing family.


First on my list of shares is that I am saying au revoir to our bonjour friends greeting. There are many reasons, but the primary one is that we will be taking off on a grand European adventure and bonjour will not apply in most of our locations. Although I will miss it (as much as I missed letting go of Hola!) change is in the air and I plan to roll with it.


This week we will be sharing our RV route in more detail than the link below. Are we nuts? Don’t forget to tune in. If you have never seen a CH we welcome you to join us every Saturday at 12:00 pm (11:00 am THIS WEEK ONLY) EDT on our WorldTowning facebook page. It is live so it should just show up on your page if you have LIKED the WT’ing page.


It is official! We have a launch day. We pick up our new (to us) RV on June 26th. We move out of our apartment on June 30th. And the day the kids end school we are off! According to the school calendar the last day is 7th, however we have learned that not many students actually go to school the last two weeks. Either way, get ready because we are almost there.


We love it! It meets all of our desires, except it was not up to speed for our technical needs in order to school and run WorldTowning. So, right now she is getting a technology update, a shine up and a repair in several spots. The only item she does not have that we really would like to add in the future is an oven, but now it is just not in the budget. It is 1500 euros to install one, yikes. I promise to share how we found her and so much more as we settle in. And get this, her fabric inside is a deep WorldTowning orange. Pretty darn cool if you ask me.


We have had many questions in this area. As most of you know the kids decided to attend traditional school in France this year. It has been an interesting and fulfilling year for both of them, however they are eager to get back to World Schooling while we travel Europe. I will discuss this in more detail as time goes on, but for now I want to give a quick overview of how we plan to handle this. I have spent the evenings the last several weeks building their schedule for the fall. They will have a combination of classes online, classes with Will and I, CNED (online homeschooling program for their French studies), a Skype Spanish tutor and then a ton of adventure and real world classes in the locations we visit. Also, we will do as much volunteer work as our work schedules can handle while we travel through Europe.


Wow, have we learned A LOT in the last two months. We have so much to share about getting a local license (we can only use our US one for a year here), insurance, registration, gas, repairs, upgrades, tires and more. The videos are in production and we plan to roll them all out when we “officially” launch our European adventure.


Sharing Time!


This is a great list of quotes from one of my favorite books. Do you agree? Do you have faith in the universe and yourself? The Alchemist is the book we give away in our goodie package when clients sign up for the Navigator package.


What a list this is! Group think is my favorite. It is one of my big pet peeves, even when it is something I totally agree with. Which one is your favorite? Why?

Weekly Adventure!


Our RV route, more or less! Will spent an entire day working on our plan. Plans change so we are not necessarily locked to it, but we wanted to establish a route in an effort to avoid a lot of back tracking. Our plan is to hit all of the European countries, close to 50, minus a couple that are unsafe to visit. And we hope to do this over the next two years. We will be working, schooling and adventuring along the way so I wonder if two years might turn into three. Are we nuts? Do you know anyone who has done this with children?

Hope you are having a fabulous weekend.



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