Spirit Airlines Review: Why I’ll never fly Spirit again

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Spirit Airlines Review

Spirit Airlines Review

Hello friends. Anyone ready for our Spirit Airlines review from Boston to Florida last month? It’s not pretty, sorry.

*Disclaimer: Although I started this blog with the commitment to stay clear of anything negative I will be deviating from that today. Beware.

Spirit Airlines, time for a new name. Oh where, oh where do I begin.

Spirit Airlines review: we take away all the frills so you can have a lower price, but we add in a lofty checked baggage fee. Oh, and for those of you who usually bring a carry on and a computer bag, you are out of luck. We only allow 1 carry on, per person (without a fee) and it has to be smaller than a computer bag. Good Luck fitting all your clothing and travel electronic equipment into that bag. Looks like you will be forced to check a bag and pay $50, oh wait, that is what you saved by choosing our airline over one of the other airlines that gives you drinks, peanuts and a comfy seat for free. Sorry. 

Spirit Airlines is known for being a less expensive, no frills airline. Ok, I get it. I don’t need comfy seats or warm fuzzy socks. I will pass on those for a less expensive flight. The problem is that they really are not less expensive and when you book through someone like Travelocity you get no inclination that there are unavoidable hidden costs.

Lets start with hidden cost number #1. We are a family who travels very light. We hardly ever pay for a checked bag and if we do it is usually only one bag per family. The kids and I can get all of our items for a two-week trip in a carry on and then the kids bring a backpack for their books, art, etc. I bring my carry on and my computer bag and Will usually has to check a bag because of work stuff. Well, Spirit Airlines only allows one carry on per person. Ok, so we cut down on the clothing and put the backpacks in the kids carry on suitcase. At that point I could not fit my computer bag in my carry on so I had to check mine. Now we have to pay for two checked bags. I’m still ok with this, but here is the real shocker. The one carry on has a size restriction, it must be smaller than a computer bag. We are simple packers, but I have yet to see anyone who can fit all of their clothing and electronic items into a computer bag carry on. What does all this mean? The $50 per person that we saved on the flight was eaten up by $50 per person to check a bag. I guess this is not a big deal if you are used to checking a bag and paying for it anyway, but if you are like our family (who rarely checks bags) it ends up increasing your travel fees considerably.

#2. There is a lack on consistency in their size requirements. On the way to Florida the kids carry-on’s were ok, but on the way home they were 1/4 inch too big according to the counter representative. We are a pretty scrappy family so we pulled the kids backpacks out of the carry-on’s, filled them up and put one kids carry-on inside of Wills suitcase which brought us down to only three checked bags. Still two bags more than we normally check, but better than four.

#3 You might want to sit down for this one. You have to pay for everything on the flight, including water. Yep, $3 per bottle. No joke. How many people do you think bought water, soda, coffee, etc? Practically no one. The flight attendant walked up the aisle asking and 3-4 people stopped her, that’s it. It was only a 3.5 hour flight so I am sure that at some point people would have to spend the money on the longer flights.

#4 Where is this money they are saving going? Back into the company, maintenance or into someones pocket? I’m just glad we made it to our destination safe. Who knows where else they are cutting corners. According to the security personnel they hear complaints about this hidden baggage cost from travelers all the time and the one consistent statement is this “They got me once, I will never fly them again.”

#5 Their customer service was the worse I have ever had with an airline. There is no need to go into a long explanation, but just take my word for it. It was bad.

If you are going to fly Spirit Airlines you should know what you are getting into. Their baggage requirements (or should I say restrictions) are outlined on their website, but lets face it, does anyone ever book a flight on the airline website anymore?


p.s. No internet, movies or games either for those of you who utilize these features.

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